Our Founder - Ellen Blackwell 
After a conventional education in business training and participation in the professional business field, Ellen Blackwell spent over fifteen years in personal biblical research under guided studies. An extreme sickness and recovery further accented a sense of mission and compassion for the needs of others. Through the 1950's this mission was fulfilled in twenty-five years of evangelistic ministry in churches throughout the southern and middle-eastern states. 

The call then led the author to the Washington, D.C., area where during the past 5 decades, she has worked fervently. She established Way of Faith Ministries, which consists of a Christian Training Center, a Christian Academy and Preschool (re-opening of the Academy is planned for 2014-15), an active church (now pastored by Rev. Bill Parkinson), a Retreat Center in Charles Town, West Virginia (Mount Zion Retreat Center & Assembly), and a Retreat Center in Migdal, Israel. Through the strength of her ministry giftings and the revelation that flows through her teaching, ministers and missionaries have been trained, sent and continue to be sent into all parts of the world. 

For over 30 years the author has produced and broadcast through radio and television both in the United States and abroad. God's Word now goes forth through numerous radio stations as well as worldwide via the Internet

The author's publications are extensive. Over 20 years ago, the Lord inspired Pastor Blackwell to write Bible Study Manuals that would enable those who are hungry for His Word to understand it through a method of questions that are directly answered by the Scriptures. Some manuals are available in Russian, and Spanish for those who desire to know Him and His Word.