Way of Faith Christian Training Center (the Center) was incorporated by members of Way of Faith Fellowship (now Way of Faith Assembly of God) in 1976 to serve as a host and sponsor for Way of Faith Christian Academy (K-12).  The Academy is currently closed, but plans are being made to reopen in the Fall of 2014 to continue the rich heritage of Christian education in the loving and caring tradition of Way of Faith.

The Center also provides facilities and support for the church and its associated ministries and activities including the production of audio, audio-visual, print, and radio Bible teaching.  Compassion Ministries reach out to local families in need with food, health-screening, and educational opportunities as well as a compassionate touch of love and prayer where encouragement is especially needed.
From its inception the Center has facilitated the community Christian education objectives of furnishing varied opportunities for learning the meaning and application of the Scriptures for believers of all ages and knowledge levels. The Center facilitates Christian growth through varied group Bible classes (day and evening), through participation in pastorally directed area and out-of-state evangelism, and through pastorally guided prayer meetings and off-campus prayer conferences at the Mount Zion Retreat Center in the Charles Town, West Virginia.

Bringing the gospel and compassionate outreach to the communities of West Virginia's panhandle area is the Mount Zion Fellowship (now Mt. Zion Assembly of God), founded by Pastor Blackwell in 1990.  Touched through the ministry of evangelism by Way of Faith as well as by the work of an on-site residential boys' home ministry for troubled youth, members of Mt. Zion Assembly of God also enjoy the weekly ministries of Pastor Blackwell, including a Sunday service and weekday Bible study.

From the mid 1970's through the end of the 1990's, undergraduate college courses were conducted at the Center with the credits being gained either from Valley Forge Christian College or from Global University.  Formal Biblical studies will continue through Global University, and Way of Faith will also host training courses and programs targeted to the local community in areas of language development (ESL), nursing / care giving, and other purposeful vocations.

The Center also provides a home for the activities of the Institute for the Nurture of Israel (known in Israel as Fellowship House of Virginia in Migdal Colony) and for teaching tours in the Holy Land conducted by Pastor Blackwell.